Design, Budgeting and BOQs, Supervision, Acceptance Tests

Electro-Safe includes a Design team led by experienced engineers with more than 20 years of record.
We employ Designers and Cad drafters comprising a high-level technical team including electricity, electronics engineers and practical engineers.

Our company’s Design team provides practical and efficient solutions tailored for unique client demands. The company has the required resources and knowledge for concept and program Design, leading the Design and the layout for the most complex integrated systems.

Electro-Safe has evolved while developing the ability to undertake the largest and most complex projects, including Design Turn Key projects (Design, application, operation and delivery to the end client).

Willingness and focused effort are invested in Fast Track projects (including Design while executing).

The engineering division specializes in power and low voltage systems for the following fields: industry, semiconductors, airports, government and public buildings, academic institutes, and computer centers.

Field of Operations:
Distribution and lighting systems, command and control, Unique protective systems, Communications, Security and safety, CCTV, Audio and Video.

At any time and date if you are constructing or maintaining a simple building or a complex compound combining electricity, fire detection, breaking and entry control, CCTV, emergency lighting, fire extinguishing, public announcement and evacuation systems, and low voltage systems, we will tailor a unique plan suitable for the client’s requirements.

Acceptance and Quality Control: The most comprehensive and detailed competence and understanding is employed in characterizing and operating the most up-to-date and innovative systems.
This knowledge, combined with the expert team, allows Electro-Safe to analyze, diagnose, and troubleshoot any future problem even if miniscule, at the system delivery\receiving stage.

Systems commissioning: the engineering division will accompany the system delivery with the various bodies, including the power company, the fire brigade, and the Standards Institute.